Tackling Youth Unemployment in Arusha: From Knowledge to Action

By Nicola Banks

One of the consistent battles I face as a researcher is the feeling of uselessness I experience in each and every interview I conduct. This is not to say that I believe our research is ‘useless’ – anything but. Research must continue to play an important role in revealing the realities and the complexities of poverty and social injustice. And by doing relevant and timely research we can continue to press for greater prioritisation of important development issues. One of these priorities simply must be youth unemployment.

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Celebrity and development: the other side to advocacy

By Robert Watt, PhD researcher, SEED

Bono & Ali Hewson for Louis Vuitton

Surveys show that the British public is wrong about nearly everything. One more topic should be added to this list of falsehood: celebrity. Just as we vastly overestimate the level of unemployment, the number of immigrants and the rate of teen pregnancy, so too we greatly overemphasise the public appetite for celebrity. As Dan Brockington explained in his Global Development seminar, even though research shows that surprisingly few people care for celebrities, these ‘popular’ figures still matter in development.

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LISTEN | Dan Brockington on the paradoxes of celebrity advocacy

The second seminar in our Global Development series took place yesterday, with Professor Daniel Brockington. Dan spoke on the paradoxes of celebrity advocacy in international development in the UK, and their consequences both for development and democratic processes.

Dan’s talk drew on themes addressed in his 2014 book, Celebrity Advocacy and International Development.

Listen to the talk:

The Global Development Seminar Series brings together scholars involved in cutting edge research on international development. It aims to facilitate dialogue and discussion, providing a space for leading development thinkers to share their latest research ideas with Manchester’s staff and students.

Listen to the first seminar, with IDS Director Melissa Leach on Equality, Sustainability & Security: Towards Transformations in a Global Development Era.